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Friday, March 10, 2017

Slack Tide Brewing Co. in Cape May County, NJ

Finally made a trip to Slack Tide Brewing Co. in Cape May County, NJ a few weeks ago.  I had not had any beers from this brewery, but had read good things about it and I totally dig the logo.  When you walk in there is a small tasting room, which on this Friday had a 6-7 people there enjoying their happy hour.  They had 11 beers on tap, so I did a flight to get a sense of what they had to offer.  
The first beer that jumped out at me was the Red Drum, which is a wheat beer made with Aronia berries from a local farm.  The reddish pink color of the beer makes it unique and the light berry flavor is quite enjoyable. Nothing overpowers you (except maybe for the cool color) and it has a nice dry finish.  It grades at a 55 on my 20-80 scale for its uniqueness.

The Angry Osprey was a really enjoyable American IPA that had a citrus aroma and a easy going piney taste.  If I was here for a few beers after work, the Angry Osprey would make me a happy camper. I would put this at a 60 on the 20-80 scale, but it easily has potential to move up a grade.

The last beer of my flight stole the show.  Morning Bite Imperial Breakfast Stout hits you with an ABV of 9.4%, but does so with great coffee, toffee, and malty flavors.  It really was tasty, so I had to grab a crowler of it to take home and enjoy with breakfast the next day.
I give this one a 70 on the 20-80 scale.

I highly recommend that the next time you head down to Cape May, you make it a priority to stop off at this great little brewery and sample some of their offerings. Don't be a slacker, make it happen!!!

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