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Thursday, October 6, 2016

September Wrap-Up

The final month of the season was a tough one for me with a trip to Vegas, work getting very busy,  and the start of football season.  It was a disappointing final stretch in which I did not get to reach the goal of #Brew162.  And while I definitely watched more than 162 baseball games and drank more than 162 beers during this season, the perfect combo only happened 124 times.  There is still the postseason to look forward to so #Brew162 still has a few more weeks of beer and baseball.

I still plan on posting on both my Instagram and here on the blog during the offseason. I hope to do some more writing here on the blog about beer and some brewery visits that I have recently done and willing be doing soon. With Oktoberfest in Germany now over, I will have a new article about the many different marzen style beers that I have sampled and with Halloween approaching, a pumpkin beer themed ranking is on its way too.

Thanks for following along and hope to drink with you soon!

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