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Thursday, October 6, 2016

September Wrap-Up

The final month of the season was a tough one for me with a trip to Vegas, work getting very busy,  and the start of football season.  It was a disappointing final stretch in which I did not get to reach the goal of #Brew162.  And while I definitely watched more than 162 baseball games and drank more than 162 beers during this season, the perfect combo only happened 124 times.  There is still the postseason to look forward to so #Brew162 still has a few more weeks of beer and baseball.

I still plan on posting on both my Instagram and here on the blog during the offseason. I hope to do some more writing here on the blog about beer and some brewery visits that I have recently done and willing be doing soon. With Oktoberfest in Germany now over, I will have a new article about the many different marzen style beers that I have sampled and with Halloween approaching, a pumpkin beer themed ranking is on its way too.

Thanks for following along and hope to drink with you soon!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Final Month of the Season ...

As September begins rosters expand, pennant races heat up and some teams are just playing out the stretch.  I wanted to check up on where I stood in pursuit of #Brew162 and it looks like I have some ground to make up over this final month.  As of August 31, I have checked into 107 beers and baseball games. That puts me about 25 games off the pace and not even close to a playoff race.  It looks like some double headers and west coast games will be needed to get myself back in the hunt. Here is my full list as of 8/31/16.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Wildwood Beerfest - June 11, 2016

I attend 4-5 beerfests a year, but the Wildwood Beerfest held in Fox Park in Wildwood, NJ has quickly become my favorite.  For starters, it's in my favorite place. I have been going to Wildwood for family vacations since I was 3 years old. I try and go down the shore as often as possible to sit on their beautiful beach, enjoy the great restaurants or stroll on the boardwalk.  When I found out last year that they were going to have a beerfest, I was very excited.
The other reason that I enjoy this beerfest so much is that it is very laid-back. There is good turn out of people (at least at the Saturday afternoon session 12-4pm that I attended), but because of the amount of space, it never feels crowded. All but the food and music is located under a great tented area, so there is plenty of shade for the beer sampling areas.  There is never a long wait to get a pour and because of that the brewers are able to spend more time chatting with you about their beer.  Plus with 4 hour sessions there is plenty of time to try everything, eat some food and go back for more of your favorites. Because it's in South Jersey, there are breweries from South Jersey and Pennsylvania that I don't normally get to see back home in the northern part of the state.
In addition to the great beers there were some great food options available. Philly Pretzel Factory makes a great pretzel and at $3, its a great deal. Kath's Catering Food Truck, Mmm...Bacon makes a great bacon wrapped brat that really hit the spot too.
Music from Stellar Mojo made the day even more fun as they rocked out to some great songs from the 80's and 90's.
The beerfest also has some local vendors selling their wares. This year we grabbed two great jars of honey from Busy Bees NJ in Cape May Court House, NJ. They make a great honey with habanero and ghost peepers that goes great on wings.  My all time favorite hot sauce, Hank Sauce was there with a new Honey Habanero that is really good and really hot. I also picked up a new growler with the awesome Wildwood BeerFest Logo from Adventure Growlers, who had a great variety of beer paraphernalia.

My only complaint was that there were a few breweries not present that I was hoping to see. Also some of the volunteers pouring beer, could have been trained a little better on how to use a tap. It is always better when the people who work for the company are there to talk about their product. But again, that is just me nitpicking.
My hat goes off to everyone who puts this event together. It is well organized, a great value for your money and a ton of fun. Now onto the beers...

I tried a lot of new beers and some old favorites on this day and I posted a bunch of them on Untapped: Brew162 already but these 6 really stood out to me and were my favorites of the day.

6. Lunacy Brewing Company Beautiful Baby's Belgian Blonde - Lunacy won the People's Choice Award at the Wildwood Beerfest this year. This blonde had a lot of good flavors with some good sweetness. As a side note there C-3PA IPA is excellent too!!

5. Cape May Brewing Company Summer Catch - a new summer seasonal offering with a citrusy flavor. Easy to drink and perfect for a day at the beach. They also were pouring The Bog, their cranberry shandy which is always a delight.

4. Double Nickel Seawheat - This pale ale is delicious.  It's sweet and bitter at the end (yes, at the same time)

3. St. Benjamin Brewing Company Inca - I having been wanting to try something from this brewery, mostly because I love Ben Franklin, but this beer was top notch. An Indian Cream Ale, it was light in color with some sweetness up front and some good hoppiness in the back.

2. New Jersey Beer Company Beach Watch Ale - This beer is exactly what you look for in a summer beer. Crisp golden ale with some citrus flavor. I can't wait to pick up a growler of this. Mike from NJ Beer Co. was great to talk to and really made the tasting experience better.

1. Pinelands Brewing Company Blueberry Blonde Ale - I would never have thought that my favorite beer from a beerfest would be a blueberry ale, but this beer really impressed me. Great blueberry flavor and not overly sweet. Very refreshing and satisfying fruit beer with a good body and at 7% ABV it is not a light beer. Often times fruit beers can be a little too much, but not the Pinelands Blueberry, it really is awesome.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Welcome to #Brew162

For me there is nothing better than enjoying a good beer while watching a game of baseball. I have loved baseball since I was 8 years old and the little kid inside of me still gets excited to watch a game, look up stats, or talk about the game. I have loved beer for a long time now. With so many options available, I enjoy discovering new beers and meeting others who enjoy it and those that make it. 
So my journey through the 2016 baseball season began on Opening Day.
I will post each beer on the Untappd App (brew162), Twitter (A_Armando10) and Instagram (@brew162), so I hope that you will follow along with me. Let me know what you think of the beers, the games or any suggestions/recommendations for new things to try.
Each week, I will post on the blog to to give a scouting report on the beers using the traditional baseball 20-80 scale and to highlight some things from my week in baseball.

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